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STM School Mission and Objectives


The mission of St. Thomas More Catholic School is to provide spiritual formation in the Catholic faith, to educate students according to the highest standards of academic excellence, and to form a strong foundation of life-long habits that will build strong character and self-discipline.



  • To provide an atmosphere where our children can grow in their relationship with Christ and with others.
  • To provide a religion program that will instruct students in Catholic teaching and traditions.


  • To provide a curriculum within each grade level that cultivates growth in each child academically and creatively.
  • To provide an environment wherein each child can develop and achieve their potential.


  • To provide an environment wherein each child recognizes his/her own self-worth and fosters within a healthy self-image.
  • To provide an environment to develop basic skills while emphasizing fairness and critical thinking for the physical and social development of each child.