STM Athletic Program

St. Thomas More Catholic School provides an opportunity for all students to participate in a wide variety of sports. The athletic program is operated by STM parents though the Sports Club. Students participating in the STM Athletic Program learn more than how to hit, kick, shoot or throw, they learn valuable life lessons like fair play, teamwork and sportsmanship.

The Sports Club offers:

  • Soccer (boys and girls in all grades)
  • Fast-pitch Softball (girls in all grades)
  • Baseball (boys all grades)
  • Basketball (boys and girls in grades 1st through 8th)
  • Volleyball (girls in grades 4th through 8th)
  • Football (boys in grades 6th through 8th)


Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act

The Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act requires that parents and student athletes be provided information on concussion and brain injury.

Below is the required information. After reading the information, parents are required to sign the Verification of Receipt of Concussion and Brain Injury information form, that is included in the packet, and return it to the coach, school or rectory.

A Signed verification form must be on file before a student will be allowed to play or practice with all STM athletic teams.

You can find out more about the law by visiting the Nebraska Sports Concussion Network.

Coaches Training Links & Forms

 The Nebraska Concussion Awareness Act requires that "concussion educational training must be made available to all coaches on how to recognize symptoms of a concussion, and how to seek proper medical treatment.

Below are links to free online concussion training courses (20-25 minutes). After completing training, please fill out the Coaches Verification of Training form and return it to your sport coordinator or the parish rectory.

Training must be completed by ALL coaches and assistant coaches BEFORE practice may begin.