A Faith-based Education

Our Mission

Our academic program provides opportunities for our students to develop their intellect in preparation for success in high school and life-long learning. We adhere to the Omaha Archdiocesan standards and assessments for the basis of our curriculum and through the Consortium we select the books, materials, and teaching methods needed to give our students opportunities to work on the skills necessary for mastery in all subjects.

Many students at St. Thomas More test a grade level ahead. In 2022 we renewed our Frameworks Accreditation through the state of Nebraska where we continue to strive toward academic excellence In the 2022-2023, and 2023-2024 school year we have updated our curriculum to provide a highly rigorous education that honors our diverse backgrounds.

Parent Involvement

As the first and primary teacher of your student, you are a major participant in this preparation. Parents are asked to be in communication with their student’s teacher, to encourage their student to read on a daily basis, and to provide an atmosphere for good daily study routines.

For parents

Special Programs at St. Thomas More

Angel of God Club

This is a positive incentive program that has a weekly meeting. Students in K - 5th grade wear a name tag throughout the week and follow positive rules that promote living a God-centered life with an emphasis on caring for others and being a good student.

Legion of Mary Jr.

A parish-based after school program dedicated to prayer through the Rosary. Students in 4th - 8th grade meet weekly to pray and plan Christ-centered activities.

The More Store

This is a positive incentive program that allows students to earn tokens for good works that they can exchange for gifts, candy, and prizes.

Band Program

An Archdiocesan-provided program for an additional cost for students in 5th – 8th Grade

Bible Bowl

A program for 4th – 8th Grade students that participates in Bible knowledge challenges.

Book Bowl

A Jr. High book reading / knowledge bowl team.

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