Parent Participation Program (PPP)

The success of St. Thomas More Catholic School depends on a spirit of cooperation and shared sacrifice of time and talent among parents and school staff for the good of students.  There are many opportunities for parent volunteer service to the school or parish, such as volunteering in the lunch room, helping with class field trips or celebrations, sending bags of candy to school for celebrations, baking for teacher appreciation days, working concessions, coaching teams for the sports club, or working at the Festival.  PPP opportunities will be listed in the Bengal News.  Many of our parents did a terrific job of getting their PPP hours logged last year, but some still need to add that to list of school things to do. 
Parent Participation Hours are tracked on FACTS Family Portal by following these directions:

    Family Login
    Family Portal
  • Once logged in, click "Family"
  • Service Hours
  • Add

- Dual parent families are required to contribute a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer service per year at school.
- Single parent and Kindergarten families are expected to contribute a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer service per year at school.

For each hour not completed by the end of the school year a charge of $4.00 per hour will be assessed, payable by the last day of school. If a family cannot commit to this call to stewardship, a payment of $160.00 ($80.00 for a single parent family) may be paid in advance. This fee is payable on the first day of school.