STM Home & School Association

The purpose of this vital group is to provide the best possible support of education for the children of St. Thomas More Catholic School through the joint efforts of school and the home.
This is accomplished through the coordination of many volunteers for various areas of the school. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in any way that they can.  It is only with your active participation that we will make a difference for our children in this school year.
The Home and School Association also organizes fund-raising events through out the school year, which helps supply the school with needed items.
Every third Monday of the month is when the Home and School Association meets in the school library at 7:00 p.m. All parents and teachers are welcome to attend.

Parent Participation Opportunities 

  • Every year the Home & School Association asks for many volunteers to help with various activities and with each classroom.
  • Room Parent, More-di-gras Basket Coordinator, Festival Booth Coordinator, and Home and School Classroom Representative are just a few of the ways parents can help.  
  • We organize the Library Helpers, Cafeteria Helpers, Office Helpers and work with the school nurse to coordinate volunteers for the Health Screenings. 
  • We provide various receptions and dinners through out the year for our students and teachers.
  • Every hour worked, item baked or meeting attended counts as 1 Parent Participation Hour.

Clip & Save Programs

St. Thomas More Catholic School participates in the following:

By clipping and saving the above mentioned coupons, UPCs, box/bag labels and caps and sending them to school with your child, you can help us earn money for the school events planned for this year.  For information on any of these Clip & Save programs, please visit the links above.

Restaurant Nights

We currently have two restaurant nights a month to help raise money for the school:

  • Don & Millies - Saddle Creek,  2nd Thursday of the month, STM receives 20% of total
  • Lansky's - 50th & L Street, last Wednesday of the month. Put your receipt in the box and STM receives a percentage of total

Please make sure to tell your cashier that you are supporting St. Thomas More Catholic School.

In addition to the programs mentioned above, an annual fundraiser, collections of HyVee and Family Fare receipts, along with various other opportunities to raise money that might become available are other ways to help fund the events planned for the school year and to purchase items for the school.

Help yourself and St. Thomas More by purchasing Scrip. Scrip is gift certificates to many area stores.  A portion of each gift certificate – between 2% and 20% – goes to St. Thomas More School, while 1% of the scrip you purchase during the year will be deducted from the next year's tuition.

Scrip is sold before and after the Saturday evening Mass and after the 8:00am Mass until the start of 11:30am Mass.